What's on tap

Price is for 1.9L Growler fill / Click title for description of beer

Black Iris Brewery - Devine Elements IPA 6% - £12.00

Atom Beers - Braggs Law Pale Ale 5.2% - £11.00

Ridgeside Brew Co. - Spilt Milk Pale 5.8% - £10.00

Cloudwater Brew Co. - Light Lager 3.9% - £8.00


Growlers are a convenient and refillable way for you to enjoy keg fresh beer in the comfort and loveliness of your own home!

At The Curious Hop we stock a 3 ⅓ pint growler.  Once you have your growler, there is a choice of four beers for you to try.  We are constantly getting new beers in and changing the kegs on offer to make sure there is something new and fresh for you to try.  The Curious Hop growlers are a thing of beauty and yours to keep so take care of them!  The best way to do this is to rinse thoroughly with very hot water as soon as it’s empty, then they are ready for you to come back and refill!

But how does it work, I hear you ask? Well, the growlers are filled using a counter-pressure system.  This means that means your unopened beer stays fresh for up to four weeks without any loss of carbonation. The system works by filling the growler with Co2, creating a pressurised, oxygen free environment.  The beer then flows from the keg into the growler, slowly displacing the Co2. Once the cap is on the beer remains pressurised and inert in the growler, allowing you to take home and enjoy keg fresh beer at your convenience!

Real Cider

Served in 1 litre disposable hoppers

Colemans Cider Co. - Dry Cider 6% - £4

Colemans Cider Co. - Sweet Cider 6% - £